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Center for International Policy Research (CIPR) is a research center with focus on economic, political, energy and security issues in the GCC region. Based in Doha, CIPR specializes in political risk analysis, government and corporate advisory, conflict advisory, track II diplomacy, humanitarian/development advisory, and event management in the GCC region and beyond. The GCC region, at the crossroads of the strategic geography of Arabian Peninsula and, wider Middle East and Eurasian region, is increasingly becoming a crucial area of global interest with its rich natural resources, geopolitical rivalry and economic development. The CIPR aims at becoming a primary research and debate platform in the region with relevant publications, events, projects and media productions to nurture a comprehensive understanding of the intertwined affairs of this geography. With an inclusive, scholarly and innovative approach, the CIPR presents a platform where diverse voices from academia, business and policy world from both the region and the nation’s capital interact to produce distinct ideas and insights to the outstanding issues of the region. CIPR’s multi-disciplinary and international team provides local solutions-oriented intelligence and strategy for private and public sector institutions. We use applied research, quantitative and qualitative analysis, data mining and analysis, and field studies to produce practical policy advice to help meet our clients’ needs.

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